1. Is Cozumel a safe place to Kiteboard?

Cozumel as any other destination is safe if you have the correct Kiteboarding instruction and knowledge of the spot where you will be kiting. There are beaches for all kind of levels of kiters from beginners to advanced.

  1. Are there any shark problems in Cozumel?

No, we have not heard in the history of the island any shark attacks. Sharks don’t mess up with Kiteboarders.

  1. How are the ocean currents in Cozumel?

The currents might change from place to place and you will find the stronger ones in deeper waters and on the east side of the island specially.

  1. Is Cozumel a safe place?

Hell Yes!!! Cozumel it’s a laid back town and always receives tourism with the arms wide open. Just be careful of not leaving your belongings unattended on a open car where you can not see them, specially on the east side coast, other than that you won’t have any problems as somebody robbing you on the streets.

  1. How is crime in Cozumel?

Very little. The island is very quite and the people are very friendly.

  1. What kind of services can be found in Cozumel?
  • Cozumel has all services for lodging ranging from a low budget to high and expensive places to stay.
  • The island has all mayor cruiseship ports and an international airport.
  • Hospitals of all kinds are found in the island.
  • Supermarkets and commercial areas can be found as well.
  • Restaurants are also an attraction of Cozumel; make sure you try the local flavours.

  1. Does the island have an international airport?

Yes it has, and direct flights from the US can be found.

  1. Can we make Kiteboarding tours and hotel reservations through this site?

Yes, we can plan your Kiteboarding vacation as well as help you with information as where to stay and where to kite in the island.

  1. What services does cozumelkiteboarding.com offer?

We basically offer Kiteboarding and lodging services, but also can help you with non wind activities for you and your non kiting companion.