kiteboarding / Kiteboarding Instruction

Cozumel KiteboardingOne of our PASA certified instructors will take you by the hand on this 3 day course. Oriented to people that have never done any Kiteflying or Kiteboarding before, we will give the correct instruction as to understand the sport, know the safety basics of Kiteboarding, gear understanding, wind and weather understanding, trainer kite flying, power kite flying, land and water exercises with the kite and board riding.

The goal on this course is to give the student the information to understand and correctly rig up a foil kite, an inflatable two, four and five line kite on a safe scenario; to understand and determine the wind direction according the beach where he will be. Correctly launch and land the right size power kite with assistance and to be able to do body dragging and board riding. The ability and coordination of the student will improved. This process will be faster or slower depending on the weather conditions during the course as well as the student coordination skills. Is highly recommended to use a trainer kite before your course.

Oriented for people 18 to 50 year old. Underage people with parent’s approval and supervision. Water skills will be required as for good swimming and being comfortable with the ocean and waves. Please let us know of any Back or any bone problems, as well as heart diseases and epilepsy.

Personal Requirements: Willingness to learn, be in good health condition, swimming skills.

Other requirements: Board shorts, lycra t-shirt or rash guard (for girls recommended), sun block lotion, sun glasses, a big wing hat, water shoes, and lots of fun. Having a good breakfast will help during the rest of the day till you get your lunch.

Will be included: PASA Level 3 Certificate, Trainer kite to keep, two way transportation from our office to the beach where the class will be given, a personal PASA certified instructor at all times, all Kiteboard gear to train, water and soft drinks, fruit and snacks. 10% discount on Brand New Kite gear.

Price: Price for the 3 day course (15 hours) $900 Usd.

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If there is no wind you don’t loose your money!

The wind rules our kiting days worldwide, and some of the kite packages that might have been planned in advance might change if the weather changes. That is why we have a flexible WIND POLICY