kiteboarding / Improve Your Skills

Cozumel KiteboardingIf you already know the basics of Kiteboarding and need to improve your skills, one of our PASA certified instructors can take you out for one or more days to the different beaches of the island and supervise your riding. We will give you Kiteboarding tips to improve your skills. We will also assist you in case of an emergency and will help you go upwind on a beach if needed. Self launch and self landing techniques can be improved as well as self rescues.

How to correct transitions and achieve jumps, make some moves and the point will be to make you feel comfortable as you ride and improve while someone is watching you during your sessions.

Oriented to: beginners and intermediate kiters, with the Kiteboarding basics and with their own gear.

Personal Requirements: Kiteboarding basic skills and gear, be in good health condition, good swimming skills.

Other Requirements: Board shorts, lycra t-shirt/rash guard (for girls recommended), sun block lotion, sun glasses, a big wing hat, water shoes, and lots of fun. Having a good breakfast will help during the rest of the day till you get your lunch.

Will be included: A personal PASA Certified Instructor at all time, water and soft drinks, fruit and snacks.

Price: Minimum of 3 hours will be required to take you out. Note that the time will be set as we see the ocean; the time on the road will not be considered. The Price for this lesson program is $225 Usd 1-2 Kiters.

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If there is no wind you don’t loose your money!

The wind rules our kiting days worldwide, and some of the kite packages that might have been planned in advance might change if the weather changes. That is why we have a flexible WIND POLICY