kiteboarding / Punta Sur Park

Known as a natural sanctuary and only accessible by Cozumel Kiteboarding Guests, Punta Sur National Park has beaches that are great for advanced Kiteboarding. Located on the south end of the island it’s a great get away for kiters and non kiters since it Cozumel Kiteboardingoffers a visit to the lagoon of Colombia, the southern light house of Celarain, the navigation museum and several Mayan ruins along the way.

The beaches on this ecopark are clean and sandy and there is even a snorkeling reef at the chunchaakab area. Our adventure on this place will start as we drive out of town and head to the south area of Cozumel driving into the medium high jungle till we get to the national park, once there we will change cars and step up in one of the wooden trucks of the park that will drop us at the spot where we will kiting. This park is known for its huge swells and heavy strong south and south east winds.

Oriented to: Advanced kiters, this place will give you the chance to ride on one of the most wonderful wave spots of the island, the beaches of el Islote and Celarain are our highlight on this park.

Personal Requirements: Kiteboarding advanced skills and gear, be in good health condition, good swimming skills.

Other requirements: Board shorts, lycra t-shirt or rash guard (for girls recommended), sun block lotion, sun glasses, water shoes, and lots of fun. Having a good breakfast will help during the rest of the day till you get your lunch.

Includes: A PASA certified instructor at all time at the beach/ocean, water and soft drinks, fruit and snacks, entrance fee to the park.

Price: This is an All Day Tour, 4 hours in the water, $250 Usd 1-2 kiters and $50 Usd each additional kiter ($20 Usd for non kiters, max 6 guests).

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If there is no wind you don’t loose your money!

The wind rules our kiting days worldwide, and some of the kite packages that might have been planned in advance might change if the weather changes. That is why we have a flexible WIND POLICY