kiteboarding / Northern Lagoon

Cozumel KiteboardingCozumel has many places to offer, the size and shape of the island makes it ideal for the sport and almost on any wind and weather conditions you can have the most of the fun. In thenorthwestern side, where the most beautiful lagoons of the island are located we offer the chance to take you on a private Kiteboarding adventure and show you some of the secret spots of Cozumel. We will be able to find a beach that will suit all kiter’s needs from Beginners, intermediate or advanced.

On the Lagoons of Blind Bay, Montecristo and Rio de la Plata we will be able to find all water conditions from kickers at the depth of the ocean and glassy waters in the shallows of the lagoons. Great option to enjoy a beach for yourself and also to get the chance to explore the most beautiful and virgin areas of Cozumel. On this adventure, we can combine lessons and excursions. Please make sure to ask us if you have any inquiries, we will be very happy to plan a trip that will fit your needs.

Oriented to all kind of kiters from beginners to advanced, this boat chase will improve your riding skills as well to give you much fun as you venture in the different spots that Cozumel has to offer. You will have the safety of our boat chasing you at all times and will be taking great pictures as well as supplying water and drinks as you need along the session.

Personal Requirements: Kiteboarding experience, be in good health condition, good swimming skills.

Other requirements: Board shorts, lycra t-shirt or rash guard (for girls recommended), sun block lotion, sun glasses, water shoes, and lots of fun. Having a good breakfast will help during the rest of the day till you get your lunch.

Will be included: Boat transportation from Pasion Island pier (Blind Bay) to the destination beach, a personal guide at all time by boat or with kite watching you for asistance, water and soft drinks, fruit and snacks.

Price: This is an All Day Tour, 4 hours in the water, $250 Usd 1-2 kiters and $50 Usd each additional kiter ($20 Usd for non kiters, 4 guests per boat).

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If there is no wind you don’t loose your money!

The wind rules our kiting days worldwide, and some of the kite packages that might have been planned in advance might change if the weather changes. That is why we have a flexible WIND POLICY