Our Wind Policy


If there is no wind you don’t loose your money!

Cozumelkiteboarding.com is very flexible on our policy when the wind or weather conditions are not suitable for a tour or lesson.

When our customers book a tour/lesson and the weather conditions do not permit to enjoy such tour or lesson we offer our customers one of the three following options:

Cozumel Kiteboarding

Reschedule, for any available date, Choose another activity for the day booked, the boat its there the drinks are cold and we are ready to go, we could choose from snorkeling, boat touring, light house climbing and Mayan ruins hiking or touring around the island stopping at the different bars and beaches on the east coast. Other fees may apply.

Cancellation, In case of cancellation on a service that requires preparation, like a boat excursion/lesson, we will only charge 20% of the cost of the tour for preparation fee. If there is no preparation involved, like on a beach lesson there will be then no extra charge in the case the lessons needs to be cancel due to No Wind or Strong Wind.

Cozumelkiteboarding.com has the right to decide when to cancel and decide our destination looking all the time after the safety of our clients.

A credit agreement, on our on line store could be granted due to a mayor cancellation or the weather conditions do not aloud us to achieve any of the activities planned.